We bought the farm in 1989 and have made many improvements to the barn and property.We are still improving, the bathrooms are complete! We have added a fountain and much landscaping.

Dennis and Mary raised 3 children which were active in 4-H and other livestock activities. Then adopted 2 more. Our lives are based in family! So weddings are important to us.

When deciding to open the barn we wanted to create an atmosphere of unity tied with country. Allowing brides and grooms a wedding venue that is uniquely theirs. Photos that no one else has, decorations that are of thier own design.

We opened on September 15th 2013. We have been overwhelmed with family and friends offers to help and give us wonderful ideas.

The weddingd have been amazing! We have met so many wonderful couples, moms amd dads. We hope to meet so many more.

All the family at our Daughters wedding on the farm